Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio Free 1.1.0

Take flight internationally


  • More Angry Birds
  • Stages present different challenges


  • More Angry Birds

Very good

Angry Birds Rio may be a movie tie-in, but it still contains the same puzzle arcade action of the original.

Instead of attacking pigs, players will shoot the angry birds at different wildlife that inhabits Angry Birds Rio Free. The theme change creates a new experience with Angry Birds Rio Free. The gameplay remains the same even with the theme, but the new environments present new challenges with palm trees and foliage that reacts to the birds.

Angry Birds Rio Free also features a more energetic soundtrack than Angry Birds.

The visuals of Angry Birds Rio Free are difficult to see on the small screen and since most players zoom out to see the entire screen. Viewing close reveals that Angry Birds Rio Free on Symbian contains the same visual look to its brethren on other mobile devices.

Angry Birds Rio Free is essentially the same game that has been played many times before, just with a different look.

If you are addicted to Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio Free is another pack of content; just do not expect anything new.

Angry Birds Rio


Angry Birds Rio Free 1.1.0

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